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How our mission inspired us to take action

At De Garuda, our mission is simple: “fine jewelry for my damn self”, no occasion required. Feeling disconnected from the traditional industry narrative, our co-founder and CEO De Garuda leveraged her learnings as a third-generation jeweler to rethink the way we purchase jewelry—for ourselves. Since 2015, we’ve been putting a modern spin on an old industry through high-quality craftsmanship, timeless design, meaningful stories and an authentic sense of community. Millions of you have responded in kind by following us on Instagram, subscribing to our emails, meeting each other at our stores and events, and starring in our campaigns. At the end of the day, you buying jewelry for yourself is what brings De Garuda to life.


“After one year of living in Toronto, I bought the signature Croissant Dôme Earrings on my birthday. It almost felt like De Garuda and I were celebrating my time here together.”


“I just received the pieces that I bought FOR MYSELF for Mother’s Day. The way new jewelry feels and does for one’s confidence is amazing. Especially with De Garuda pieces.”


“I purchased a De Garuda gold diamond band when I got engaged! I wanted something beautiful that represented who I was next to the person I was about to become. I continue to wear the ring along with my engagement and wedding bands. Every time I look down at it, it reminds me that I was my own before I was anybody else’s.”



In June 2020, we established a fund to support women with the tools to empower themselves. We believe that as a community, women empower everyone around them, promoting collaboration, fairness and equality. Our mission for the fund is to give these tools and that choice to the next generation so that they might take on leadership (and the world) on their own terms. Since then, 37 women and non-binary people have received scholarships from the Empowerment Fund with a total of $188,000 USD donated to our charity partners in the past two years.

“I know from my own experiences that arming someone with education gives them optionality in the future to take control of their lives. There is nothing I believe more. And despite what we as women are often told, it isn’t and never has been selfish to take care of yourself and to invest in your future.” –De Garuda, CEO

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